Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lego guys

I am in the bath. I am playing with my lego guys, in the bath.
by Callum

Sunday, August 29, 2010

paris wanderfull birthday.

on paris,s Birthday paris got a sofed box there a black writing on it and you go over it with gliter.
it comes with beterfliy bedes.
and it comes with sorkcl bedes.
thay are calerfull bedes thay are so cool I like it becose it is sofed.    
by Kalayias

The king and his new dog.

One Monday the king buyded a dog.Then he tock it home.The next day he buyded a cat.The cat had a fight with the dog.They had 20 fights a day or 90 a month.So he tock it back to the pet shop.He buyded a tranid dog and cat. They did not fight.The dog got milk and the cat got water.They playded to gether.
By Charlie Clough                                                                                                                                                                      

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rob`s move

On sanday I got a move it is shrek the hall`s I get to wock it at home


the crepe brain

Once upon a time there was a creepy brain.  He had creepy legs and creepy arms and creepy hands. 
His eyes were like evil eyes.  One day he was walking around the woods and he saw a critter.  
He thought it was a ghost.  He crept up to it.  It was his friend, he was called Mr Killer. 
He killed a lot of people.  He was scary but he didn't kill the scary brain.     

by campbell                                                                                                                                                                              

Monday, August 23, 2010

Playing with jack

yesterday jack went to my house.we went on the wii .jack  playd on my ipod .i mite go to jacks house.
by jayden

my cat.

i have a cat colld brooke. she is a  black and  whit cat.  sumttimes she is good. sumtimes.she is nortey . she sleps on abbey,s bed. by rebecca.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

to cool kodie

one  day  i  saw   10   armmey  trauk.  i  new  wiy.   becos  one  giy    ran  nin  a  bad   giy  shot  his  leg.  nin     2   armmey  man   shot  2  bad  giys.
by  kodie

ethans witing.

BY  ETHAN                                               


Once upon a time there lived two small bears and there mum. They lived in a cave in the forest.One of the small bears name was"Bella" and the other small bears name was "Jack" And there mums name is "Sally".One day there was a flood and they had too evacuate too higher ground and Jack  could not keep up and it got flushed away.Then his mum jumped in the flood andgot flushed away too ,so every bear in the family got flushed away but Bella.

Monday, August 16, 2010

room4 s writing

we have been doing some cool writing in the past and we lirnt lots of things about the rainforest and we lirnt the butterfly life sikcil and we sing evaryday and we lirnt lots of thing becose we whent to the otago museyim.
by lorilee.

paris,s writing

we are at bradford and I am in room4 miss litte is my tetre.she is a nise teter. but she is beseu weth arin rapla he is a bis boy he good  and we have a climing wole  .at bradford we have a new gelir in room6 she is 01 ore 9 she is tole.but she is smate. and her name is alex she palas on the top and palas when the balls. like a rabe balls and socker balls  she likes to play weth the gelirs the mose then boy.but she plaers weth jadin bagm tiu hereu.  
writi by paris grant.

mr speedy

Mr Speedy is very fast and he wins evey race no athalest ever wins a place.when he gos
to school he runs home.He runs past all of the joges in the park he inveted mr rush to
his hoes to have a race but... Mr Speedy won.
bY Paolo Corona.


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